KRP expands inquiry linked to human rights ruling against Finland by ECHR

Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) on Monday revealed that it has reason to believe forged documents were presented to the European Court of Human Rights which led to it expanding its pre-trial investigation into an unusual case linked to a human rights ruling issued against Finland.
A number of people are consequently suspected of aggravated forgery for submitting the documents to the Administrative Court of Helsinki and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in late 2017.
In November last year, the ECHR had ruled that Finland had violated human rights laws by expelling an unsuccessful asylum seeker who had reportedly been shot dead three weeks after his return to Baghdad, Iraq in December 2017.
KRP launched an inquiry into the case after it began to suspect that some of documents presented for the deliberations were forged.
It has since discovered evidence that the documents presented by the daughter of the unsuccessful asylum seeker were forged and that the man was alive.
Jan Aarnisalo, the detective chief inspector in charge of the investigation at KRP, informed that three people are currently suspected of aggravated fraud and aggravated forgery in the case.
“It is possible that more people were involved in what has previously been described as a deliberate plot to mislead the judicial system,” he said.
The investigators have detained two of the three suspects during the investigation, a woman born in 1996 and man born in 1984. The third suspect, a man born in 1971, is believed to be living in Iraq, according to KRP. The woman has been released from pre-trial detention.

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