Christian girl abducted at gunpoint in Pakistan’s Punjab

In yet another incident of against minorities, a Christian girl was kidnapped at gunpoint by local Muslim men in Youhanabad area of Lahore city in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Monday.
The girl, according to the sources, was waiting for a factory vehicle in the area, when 2-3 persons allegedly abducted her and threatened her colleagues.
“A Christian girl allegedly abducted on gunpoint from Youhanabad, Lahore. This video report is from June 4, 2020. Mother of the girl says that two men abducted her daughter. Another man says that Christians in Pakistan are frequent victims of such crimes,” Tanveer Arian, a political and security analyst said in a tweet.
The family of the girl is shocked with the horrific incident as minorities continue to remain on target in Pakistan, especially Punjab province. The family has appealed to the Prime Minister and other local politicians to listen to their grievances.
“Why it happens with our daughters and sisters? Whenever they go out for work, Muslim men forcibly abduct and do unfair things with them. Today, at 7.30 am, when she was waiting for her factory vehicle at the pickup point, 2-3 Muslim men abducted her on gunpoint. They even threatened other girls present at the spot,” Shafiq, a family member of the victim said.
He added, “We appeal the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) and other politicians belonging to this area to listen to our grievances. When we filed a complaint in the police station, they assured us to get it resolved in 2-3 days. Now, we are clueless why they need 2-3 days to get it resolved”.
A large number of Christian and Hindu girls, mostly minors, across Pakistan are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam to get married to Muslims.
Even the Hindu community in Pakistan has been facing persecution in the hands of Persecution, forced conversion of Hindu girls on rise.
On June 2, two incidents of abduction and forced conversion of Hindu girls were reported from Sindh province. 15-year-old Suntara was abducted by armed men in village Rais Nehal Khan of Mirpur Khas district of Sindh and on the same day, 19-year-old Bhagwanti Kohli was abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Sindh’s Mirpur Khas district.

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