Pakistan health data worrisome as compared to neighboring states

A recent survey has revealed that the national health security of Pakistan is in a grave condition with life expectancy at the lowest as compared to other countries of the region and health expenditures at an all-time high.
The survey said the cumulative health expenditures by federal and provincial governments in the Financial Year 2019 increased to Rs421.8 billion from Rs416.5bn of previous year, showing a growth of only 1.3 per cent.
Moreover, the allocation in health sector was 1.1pc of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Population growth, rising urbanization, environmental pollution and change in lifestyle of people are some of the major factors threatening the national health security in Pakistan, according to Economic Survey 2019-20.
It shows that life expectancy is the lowest in Pakistan i.e. 67.1 years as compared to 69.4 years in India, 72.3 years in Bangladesh, 76.8 years in Sri Lanka and 76.7 years in China.
Infant mortality rate (IMR) is 57.2 per 1,000 live births in Pakistan, as compared to 29.9 in India, 25.1 in Bangladesh, only 6.4 in Sri Lanka and 7.4 in China.
However, in maternal mortality rate (MMR) Pakistan has better number as compared to India and Bangladesh.
The MMR per 100,000 deliveries is 140 in Pakistan, as compared to 145 in India and 173 in Bangladesh. In Sri Lanka MMR is 36 and in China only 29 in 100,000 live births.

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