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Tibetans hold anti-China protest at UN complex in Geneva

Demanding genuine autonomy for Tibet, members of the Tibetan community from Switzerland and Lichtenstein held an anti-China protest in front of the United Nations complex in Geneva on Friday.
Protestors holding Tibet flags and banners marched out the complex.
Some of the banners read: “China open Tibet to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Now”, “China: Stop Genocide in Tibet.”
Tibetians have held protests regularly against the Chinese occupation. In March 2018, members from half a dozen European countries gathered outside the UN complex in Geneva to demand China stop atrocities in Tibet.
Currently, the region is administered by China as the Tibetan Autonomous Region.
China has carried out large scale human right violations with various activists and human rights organizations holding it responsible for changing the ethnic makeup of the region by encouraging large scale migration of Chinese Han people.

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