Canadian Baloch hold anti-Pakistan protest for Human Rights Violations in Balochistan

Baloch political and human rights activists gathered in Canada’s Toronto city on Sunday to protest against Pakistan and China for gross human rights violations in Balochistan
The protesters condemned the senseless killings of two Baloch women by the Pakistan Army death squads, in which a 4-year-old girl, Bramsh was wounded by a stray bullet.
27-year-old Maliknaz, mother of Bramsh resisted the armed attackers to save her daughter but was killed after several shots were fired at her inside the house.
Another Baloch woman, Kulsoom, was also murdered inside her house a week later.
The rally was attended by representatives of the Kurdish, Yemeni and Hindu communities who expressed their solidarity with the people of Balochistan.
The protesters held placards demanding: Justice for Bramsh, Justice for Maliknaz and Kulsoom, Baloch Lives Matter, Dismantle Pak Army Death Squads in Balochistan, No to Chinese CPEC in Balochistan and China Hands-off Gwadar Port Balochistan.
“Baloch people are fighting against the Pakistan Army and against the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and in which the decisions are made in Islamabad and GHQ, Rawalpindi where the army headquarters are, and also by Communist Party of China. They are equally criminal partners in Pakistan’s slaughter and atrocities taken place in Balochistan,” Zafar Baloch, a Baloch Human Rights Activist based in Canada said.
Karima Baloch, Ex-chairperson of Baloch Students Organisation (Azad), who is living in exile in Canada said, “Pakistan is the main perpetrator behind all thefts and killings. The army, who is running death squads and also the Frontier Corps (FC) and Anti-Terrorism Squad, is behind the killings and human rights violations in Balochistan”.
Protesters also expressed their anger at the Chinese China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects and control over the sea port of Gwadar that has become the major reason for military operations in Balochistan resulting in the death of thousands of Baloch civilians.

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