Human rights panel in Meghalaya issues notice over lack of support to community quarantine centers

The Human Rights Commission of Meghalaya in India has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary over media reports of lack of government support to community quarantine centers run by various Dorbar Shnongs.
Reacting to media reports, Meghalaya Human Rights Commission (MHRC) chairperson Justice T Vaiphei said that the Commission was of the view that there is a strong likelihood that lack of support to the community quarantine centers could further result in the spread of COVID-19, “thereby exposing the volunteers and the community assisting the inmates of the community quarantine centers to a greater risk of infection”.
“Right to life is a fundamental right as mandated by Article 21 of the Constitution and it is therefore imperative that the state government undertake necessary steps to alleviate the current state of affairs in the community quarantine centers to ensure that the COVID-19 does not further spread within the community,” the Commission in its notice said.
The Meghalaya Chief Secretary has been asked to cause an effective enquiry to be conducted into the entire matter by an officer of the rank of Commissioner or Secretary and submit a detailed report within 30 days from the date of receipt of the notice.
Earlier, the state government had decided to provide financial assistance of Rs. 5,000 to each active community quarantine centre.
In Meghalaya, various Community COVID-19 Management Teams were constituted by the Dorbar Shnongs which took care of stranded citizens who stay in community quarantine centers after they return to the state.
Meghalaya has reported a total of 46 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 42 recovered and one death in the state.

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