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Declare China’s atrocities on Uyghurs as genocide: Uyghur rights body asks UN

An organization which works for the persecuted Uyghurs in China have asked the United Nations and other international organizations to put pressure on China and formally recognize treatment of the community by Beijing as genocide.
In a report titled Genocide in East Turkistan, ‘The Campaign for Uyghurs’ organization has highlighted how the Chinese government has persecuted Uyghurs and says that despite the Covid 19 pandemic, the Chinese government continues its oppression and persecution of Uyghur Turks and other Muslim communities for its own political and economic interests.
“The Chinese government sent 1.1 million Han Chinese cadres to East Turkistan to control the daily life of Uyghurs. Their job is to stay in Uyghur homes, share the same bed with them if necessary and to control all aspects of their daily lives,” the report said.
It further said: “With the ‘Double Relative Program’ initiated by the Beijing government, Han Chinese cadres make visits at least once every two months and stay for about a week. During the stay, while constantly spreading Chinese Communist Party propaganda, they also spy on them. During these visits, they encourage drinking of alcohol and eat pork, all of which are forbidden in Islam. If a Uyghur requests ‘halal meat’ from the market and if they do not drink, they are declared a suspect and sent to the camps.”
“The most dangerous aspect of this double relative programme is that women, whose husbands are in the camps, have to share the same bed with the Chinese cadres,” the report noted.
Campaign for Uyghurs Executive Director Rushan Abbas pointed out that this situation has led to government-sponsored mass rape.
The report further stated that the Beijing administration has breached the “Prevention of Genocide” contract which was signed and approved by them before the international community.
“As such, the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Secretary, Chen Quanguo, and other executives are all responsible and accountable for these crimes,” the report said.
It has recommended removing China from its participatory status on the UN Human Rights Council Panel and has requested the UN to demand immediate and unfiltered access to the entire region of East Turkistan (referred to in China as Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region).
“It is important that the United Nations and other international organizations take the necessary measures to put pressure on China and take actions to investigate the acts of genocide perpetrated against the Uyghurs. These crimes must be brought forward by an international commission and their perpetrators must be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice,” the report said.

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