Anti-Pakistan protest held in London to demand justice for Baloch victims

Condemning the killings of Baloch women at the hands of death squads and paramilitary forces in Pakistan’s province Balochistan, Bramsh solidarity committee organized a massive protest at London’s 10 Downing Street.
“Baloch community in the United Kingdom strongly condemn Pakistan military action in Balochistan and its death squads,” said Hakeem Baloch, President of Baloch National Movement UK Zone.
The protesters raised slogans against the increasing human rights violations in Balochistan and against the Harnai incident where Pakistan army killed the family of Qaisar Chalgarri including, his 9 years old daughter Naz Bibi.
“Pakistan unleashed its death squads to create havoc and terror in Balochistan. They want to frighten the whole Baloch community by killing innocent Baloch women and attacking houses so people feel insecure,” said Abdullah Baloch Leader of Balochistan, Raji Zrumbesh.
A large number of political activists, intellectuals, women and children in Balochistan province are victims of enforced disappearances by the security agencies. Many of them are languishing in detention centers.
A large number of Baloch, who have taken asylum in Europe and other parts of the world, continue to hold protests to raise the support of the international community and pressurize Pakistan and its security agencies to stop human rights violations in Balochistan.

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