Secret footage shows Uighur man’s detention inside Chinese prison

In a rare incident, a detained Uighur man has provided the world with chilling evidence of human rights violation by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Xinjiang.
Merdan Ghappar, a successful model on the e-commerce platform Taobao, was detained after having spent over a year in prison on a drugs charge his supporters said was trumped up.
In January, Ghappar, 31, was taken back to Xinjiang by police where he was hooded, shackled and held in a crowded police cell with 50-60 prisoners.
Videos and text messages sent by Ghappar provide a detailed account of his detention and the conditions he says he witnessed, including teenage boys being hooded and beaten, and of the widespread use of “four-piece suits” – combined restraints that are criticized by human rights groups.
Other text messages revealed how children as young as 13 are targeted as part of China’s efforts to suppress the Muslim minority group’s religion and culture, with a document calling on children to “repent and surrender”.
“A third of the room was taken up by chairs for the duty cops. The rest was men on the right, women on the left, divided up and locked in cages,” Ghappar wrote in his texts.
“And from head to toe, they were all wearing four-piece suits. This so-called four-piece suit was a black cloth bag over the head; handcuffs; shackles; and a steel chain between the handcuffs and the shackles.”
In his texts, Ghappar described being made to wear the “four-piece suit”, being threatened, and held in unsanitary, and dangerous conditions, with prisoners sharing unwashed eating utensils to consume “the leftovers after the cops had eaten, made into rice soup”.
Moved to an isolated cell for several days, Ghappar said he could hear the screams of people being interrogated nearby.
“One time I heard a man screaming from morning until evening. This was psychological torture to me – I was afraid, would the next one be me?”
Other prisoners were taken away on minibuses and Ghappar, suffering a cold, was taken to hospital, and then to an isolated room in a neighboring compound where his belongings were returned to him, including by mistake his phone, which he used to contact his relatives.
A video, which Ghappar sent to his family in Europe, shows his hand handcuffed to a thin bed in a small and empty room, while propaganda announcements play in the background over a speaker system.
His uncle, Abdulhakim Ghappar, said he believed Ghappar was detained because he had family outside China who are politically active.
Abuse and mistreatment of the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang has been extensively documented but denied by Beijing, which claims its policies are to counter terrorism.
Evidence of mass detention in “re-education camps”, forced sterilization, surveillance and restrictions on religious and cultural beliefs amounts to cultural genocide, according to critics.

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