Indians, Vietnamese, Tibetans and Taiwanese hold anti-China protest at Capitol Hill

In a demonstration against China and its policies, Indian Americans were joined by Vietnamese Americans and members of the Tibetan community in ‘America Protest Against Communist China’ outside the Capitol Hill.
Since the Galwan valley standoff between India and China – which led to the death of 20 Indian soldiers – anti-China protests have broken out in several cities in the United States including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta.
Washington looked no different with people holding placards, raising the American national flags along with chanting pro-India and anti-China slogans.
The protestors believe that even though the “boycott China” campaign has already been more successful than anticipated, there is still a lot to be done apart from simply stalling the use of Chinese products.
They also stressed that the protest is not against the people of China, instead, it’s against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
Adapa Prasad, a community leader, who was at the forefront in a protest in Washington, described China as a nation on an expedition to grab other people’s land.
He said China is a nation that is opting and displaying the “expansionist policy apart from stealing, lying, backstabbing its neighbors including India”.
“China is aggressively trying to steal the land from India in Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh. They are intimidating Bhutan. They have also claimed that the Tajikistan Mountains belong to them. Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Russia are also victims of China’s expansionist policies,” Prasad said.
“In DC, we have a people to people contact with all the victims of China like Vietnam, Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Together we are planning a bigger congregation to protest against China in October. We are also come up with ways to shift the supply chain in other countries in the region apart from China,” he added.
Joining Prasad and the Indian community in the protest was a representative of the Vietnamese immigrants’ community living in the United States. “Our common threat is communism and not the Chinese people,” said Matt Truong.
Echoing similar sentiment, Srilekha Palle, a republican supporter and an active member of the Indian community, said, “I am totally against communist China bullying America and the global world.”
Representing the Sikh community in the demonstration was Kanwaljit Singh Soni, president of the Sikhs of America. He said, “China must compensate to the world for spreading coronavirus.”

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