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UNSC adopts resolution to promote women’s role in peacekeeping

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted a resolution with an aim to promote women’s participation in peacekeeping operations.
The resolution, tabled by Indonesia co-sponsored by India, called for “full, effective, and meaningful” participation of women in peacekeeping operations.
The resolution calls on UN member states, the UN Secretariat, and regional organisations to strengthen their collective efforts to promote the “full, effective, and meaningful participation” of uniformed and civilian women in peacekeeping operations at all levels and in all positions, including in senior leadership positions.
Lauding the resolution, India’s Permanent Mission to the UN congratulated the UNSC for passing a resolution that calls for “full, effective, and meaningful participation” of women personnel in peacekeeping operations.
“As a co-sponsor of the Resolution, and with a proud tradition of deploying women peacekeepers who have served as role models, India congratulates the Security Council for adopting Resolution 2538 today on ‘Women in Peacekeeping’,” the Indian Mission in UN said in a tweet.
India has a long tradition of deploying women peacekeepers. As early as 1960, India sent women in the Armed Forces Medical Services to serve in the UN Peacekeeping Mission in the Republic of Congo.
In 2007, India was the first country to send an all-women Formed Police Unit to Liberia. They were hailed as “role models” by the then President of Liberia, as well as former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.
This year, Major Suman Gawani won the UN Military Gender Advocate award. She is deployed in the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

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