Female Pakistani lawyer tortured for giving speech against army

A Pakistani female advocate, who recently delivered a speech critical of the country’s armed forces, was abducted and tortured for days, before she was found by locals in a very bad condition in Mailsi of Punjab province in August.
According to a video shared by Arif Aajakia, a human rights activist, the woman went on a tirade against the Pakistan Army, terming it an “enemy” during her address.
According to media reports, the female advocate had been kidnapped from her office by unidentified men on August 14, police said. She was found in a semi-conscious state with her hands and legs tied and could not speak due to a cloth covering her mouth from a field near Dhoda Road in Mailsi.
In a video shared by Aajakia on the incident, the traumatised lawyer, who is a mother of six, is being asked by locals about her condition. She said she was a resident of Dipalpur and confirmed that she was abducted, tortured and thrown into a field by four persons.
The district police officer (DPO) said, she has been shifted to the Dipalpur tehsil headquarters (THQ) hospital.
The police officer said that a first information report (FIR), including charges of kidnapping, was lodged by the victim’s son. A special team investigating the case recorded the woman’s statement.
The Pakistani armed forces have been accused of eroding democratic values and have a say in the domestic and foreign policy of the country, reducing the civilian government to a mere puppet. The people face dire and often fatal consequences for criticising the army.
In a country where criticism of the military is frowned upon, an unprecedented crackdown has been launched on dissent, where the Pakistan Army and the ISI are committing human rights abuses against people including human right activists and political activists, for their critical views against them.
Several activists, who have escaped from Pakistan, continue to hold Pakistan Army responsible for the enforced disappearances, murders and other crimes against dissenters.
Instead of taking a stern response of tackling terror on its soil, Pakistan military, instead, harbours terrorists and allows them to carry out attacks in neighbouring countries, including India and Afghanistan, while continuing to clamp down on dissent.

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