Hindu temple vandalized in Pakistan’s Karachi over blasphemy charge

In yet another incident of violence against minorities in Pakistan, a Hindu temple in Karachi was vandalized by a mob after blasphemy allegations were made against a boy from the Hindu community.
The incident took place on Sunday night in Salaar compound of Karachi’s Lyari area.
A huge mob emerged in the Hindu community colony and vandalized the Sheetal Temple in the Lee Market area, accusing the minority community of blasphemy.
Idols of Hindu gods were torn down and thrown out of the temple and the temple premises were also defaced.
Videos from the vandalized temple have emerged in which people can be seen recording the extent of damage inflicted by the mob.
They can also be heard lamenting the conditions of Hindus in Pakistan.
As per local reporters, the situation in the area is tense since the vandalism. The entire area has been cordoned off with Karachi police and Rangers deployed in the area.
The incident took place after certain individuals alleged that someone from the Hindu community wrote defamatory things about the Islamic faith on a dog.
The allegations remain unproven at the moment.
According to reports, this is the third Hindu temple to be desecrated in Pakistan in a span of 20 days.
The incident comes weeks after a person vandalized a temple in Pakistan’s southeast Sindh province. “One Muhammad Ismail damaged the idols kept in the makeshift temple in the remote Badin district and fled”, said the police.
London-based Pakistani human rights activist and spokeswoman for Justice for Minorities in Pakistan Anila Gulzar had condemned the Sindh incident and said that only 20 temples out of 428 are left in the country.

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