Pakistan: Two more children die of malnutrition, disease in Sindh

Malnutrition and other diseases have claimed the lives of two more children in Tharparkar district of Pakistan’s Sindh province, taking the toll to 39 deaths of children in December alone.
According to local health officials, the total death count of children due to malnutrition and other diseases in Sindh’s desert district of Tharparkar has reached 755 this year.
This comes despite the Supreme Court earlier summoning the Sindh chief secretary and other top officials in a case pertaining to the deaths of children owing to malnutrition in Tharparkar.
According to last year’s report by the United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF), Pakistan is among the countries with the highest infant mortality rates with 22 infants dying before turning one month old.
It is important to highlight here while the children here are dying of such diseases, the region is rich in coal reserves and other natural resources.

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