China deploys tanks along LAC opposite Indian posts

As tensions continue to rise along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), China has reportedly deployed 30 to 35 tanks in front of Indian posts opposite Rezang La, Rechin La and Mukhosri locations.
According to reports, the heights were captured by the Indian army on August 29 and 30 last year. The Chinese tanks are currently positioned against Indian positions.
The tanks are reportedly lightweight and have been made using modern technology. The Indian Army has also deployed tanks at the hills of Rezang La, Rechin La and Mukhosri.
Tensions between India and China has been high ever since the forces of the two countries clashed at Galwan Valley in June 15-16 last year leading to the death of 20 Indian soldiers.
After the Galwan clash, Chinese and Indian military commanders had held several rounds of talks to deescalate tensions and ensure troops from both countries pull back, however, China has continued its troop presence along the LAC.
India’s ministry of external affairs (MEA) had said that India-China commander-level talks had led to “stability on the ground” and that more efforts would be made to restore peace even as tens of thousands of troops have been deployed by both sides in the Ladakh region and the Chinese-held Tibetan plateau.
However, several rounds of talks have failed to ease tensions along the LAC.

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