Islamabad lawyer kidnapped from his residence by men posing as CTD officials

In yet another instance of lawlessness in Pakistan, a lawyer was kidnapped from his residence by unidentified men posing as Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials in Islamabad on Saturday, informed police sources.
Tarnol police have registered a case under Section 365 of PPC against unknown people and are currently investigating the abduction, as per media reports.
Mohammad Safian Saeed Dar lodged a written complaint stating that he lived in G/16-3 with his son Hamad Saeed Dar, the abducted lawyer. In his complaint, he said around 2:30 am, someone rang their doorbell.
“I asked the person about his identity through the intercom. He identified himself as DSP Tariq of CTD and told me that he wanted to meet my son. I opened the door after getting consent from my son,” he said.
The lawyer’s father informed that 10 people had accompanied the person identifying himself as DSP Tariq. The leader and four people entered Hammad’s room and started questioning him, later asking him to accompany them and taking his laptop, cellphone and wallet along with them.
“I was told that they would send Hammad back after some time after some questioning but he didn’t get back home the next morning,” said the lawyer’s father in the complaint.

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