Hong Kong: Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong arrested under national security law

Just a day after Hong Kong police arrested dozens of former lawmakers and opposition activists, pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was arrested on Thursday (local time) over an alleged violation of the city’s National Security Law.
On Wednesday (local time), police had arrested 53 persons. Among them, six were arrested for organising and planning an informal primary election last July ahead of the city’s Legislative Council elections, while the remaining 47 were arrested owing to their participation in the event.
Hong Kong officials had previously promised that the law would be limited in effect, and only target a small number of fringe activists. However, since its introduction, the law has been used to forcefully stamp out the city’s formerly pro-democracy movement.
Of the 53 arrested, 52 are now on bail but are required to surrender travel documents and report to police again in early February, police said. The remaining activist, former pro-democracy lawmaker Wu Chi-wai, was taken to court after police said he had failed to hand over all travel documents when applying for bail in a previous case.
Also, among those arrested was American lawyer John Clancey, who was released on bail without charge. Clancey is the first foreign citizen without a Hong Kong passport to be arrested under the national security law.
Wong too was in prison serving a 13.5-month sentence for his role in demonstrations during the 2019 pro-democracy protest movement.

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