Pak journalist admits on TV that Pakistan supports Sikh and Naga separatists against India

Pakistan’s sponsored terror and anti-national activities in India has been a matter of news for quite a long time and now one journalist from Pakistan has revealed on television how the country is trying to instigate trouble in India.
Pakistani journalist Kashif Abbasi has recently admitted on a live television show that Pakistan indeed trains Sikhs and Nagaland separatists in India and uses them to foment trouble for India.
“You have used the Sikh and Nagaland faultlines and trained them against India”, said the journalist during his show Off the Record, which was broadcasted on Pakistan based ARY News channel on January 7, 2021.
Kashif Abbasi was conducting a panel discussion on the recent killing of coal miners in Balochistan, with Pakistan’s federal minister for science and technology Fawad Chaudhry and Imran Khan’s opposition party PMNL leader Miftah Ismail.
When Fawad Chaudhry began his usual rant of India’s interference in Balochistan, the anchor Kashif Abbasi and the opposition minister cut him short and reminded him of Pakistani misevdeavours under Imran Khan’s regime.
Miftah Ismail tells the Imran Khan’s minister how the fault lies within their own country. He opines that before blaming Modi or India, Imran Khan should remember how under his regime, Pakistan has always fostered terrorism in India aiming to destabilise the country. The anchor here adds that the Pakistan government has always provided Sikh militants and Naxalites in India with different types of tactical support in order to use them against India.
It is pertinent to note here that Pakistan have long accused India of fuelling insurgency in Balochistan. This is a usual delusion harboured by Pakistan. Pakistan officials have maintained that Indian spies are operating through a network of Indian missions dotting southern and eastern Afghanistan, where most Baloch insurgents are also based.
However, the fact is that on the contrary, Pakistan has always tried to interfere and wage terrorism in India. Be it the Kashmir issue or the anti-CAA protests or the current ‘farmers’ protest, Pakistan’s role in aiding disharmony in India has always come to the forefront.
Recently, Pakistan’s federal minister for science and technology Fawad Chaudhry, who had admitted to Pakistan government’s role in the Pulwama terror attack, retweeted a video by Rana Ayyub and said that the Delhi government is not even listening. Imran’s minister alleged that the BJP government has no case for Punjabi farmers.

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