Activists in Nepal stage protest against land encroachment by China

A group of activists affiliated with the National Unity Movement on Sunday organised a sit-in protest in front of the Survey Department of Nepal, over the claims made by the government that ‘no land has been encroached’ by China on the Northern sides.
“China constructed 12-15 buildings inside Nepali territory in Humla District. When we protested against it, against encroachment by China, then our Foreign Minister defended it, claiming it to be built on China’s own side. That’s why we made the request with the Survey Department and the government to publish the GPS Coordinates so that we can be assured whether the structures were set up on the Nepali side or their own sides,” Vinay Yadav, the coordinator of the movement said.
The protestors demanded GPS-coordinates of border points with China amid claims of land encroachment.
In search of answers from authorities, the group have also filed an RTI (Right To Information) application, which has remained unaddressed.
“It’s been about three to four months, but the government has not responded to the demand of unveiling the GPS-coordinates. This acts as proper evidence and confirmation that China has constructed those structures inside Nepali territories. The government is attempting to hide the co-ordinates,” Yadav claimed.
In September last year, Nepali local media reported that China had illegally constructed nine buildings in Lapcha Bagar area of Nepal’s Humla District which is only accessible by airways. Soon after, Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had issued a clarification over the issue of land encroachment by China where it had downgraded the media reports of illegal construction in Nepali land.
A 19-membered team went to the disputed site on September 30 despite the government calling the reports of land encroachment by China as “fake”.
Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, elected from Humla district, visited the site and alleged that China has encroached into Nepali land and constructed infrastructures.
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