‘Tibet Rights Collective’ protests at Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, demands ‘Free Tibet, Secure India’

On the 62nd Tibetan National Uprising day, the Tibet Rights Collective, a group supporting the Tibetan cause with a focus on India’s security, held a mass protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in the Indian capital, New Delhi.
To mark the protest, Tibetan activist Tenzin Tsundue marched to the Chinese Embassy with the message of ‘Free Tibet, Secure India’.
“The message is gradually gaining greater resonance amongst those in India who wants a lasting resolution to the growing menace of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops at the border and their frequent incursions into Indian territory,” said a statement released by the activist.
The main objectives of the march are to generate awareness about the importance of the Tibet issue in relation to India’s security among the Indian population, the statement read.
“The recent border skirmishes between India and China underline the strategic importance of having an Independent Tibet once again to serve as a buffer state and guarantee India’s security and sovereignty,” it said.
Tsundue said: “The ever increasing economic and military might of China and its imperialist agenda is a threat to all its South-East Asian neighbours. Recent events in Hong Kong, the persistent threat faced by Taiwan and Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea are examples of aggressive Chinese expansionist policies.”
In the context of these geopolitical developments, Tsundue will address a press conference and would explain why he is asking the Indian government to repeal its One-China policy and how repealing this policy will help India counter China strategically and diplomatically.
Tsundue will be addressing the media on three main issues: Tsundue’s 500 km long ‘Walk a mile for Tibet’ campaign; Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking the Indian government to repeal the One China policy; Open letter to President of Taiwan regarding the threats posed by China to the existence of Taiwan and lessons from the destruction of Tibet under Chinese occupation.
The Tibetan diaspora marks their National Uprising Day on March 10 each year to remind the world that the Tibetan issue is still relevant and should not be ignored.
To highlight these issues, Tsundue began his march to Delhi from Dharamshala on February 12, 2021, on Losar – the Tibetan New Year’s Day. After walking for almost a month and covering approximately 500 kms on foot, he reached New Delhi on March 10, 2021.

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