Leadership workshop held for students in J&K’s Srinagar

In the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, a workshop on ‘Leadership Skills among Youth’
was organized recently by the Uslub services group for students of Amar Singh College in Srinagar.

The main aim of the workshop was to familiarise the participants with emerging trends and ideas on leadership skills to help them achieve their goals.The workshop adopted the processes of demonstration-cum-discussion, group work with team-building exercises, group presentation, self-improvement exercises, film viewing and movie presentation.
“It was a great workshop. We learned a lot about leadership qualities and problem-solving skills. I got a lot of confidence from this workshop. More such workshops should be held as guests and students benefit a lot from it,” said Irfan Ahmad, a participant.Bushra Jan, another participant said, “I felt that the workshop focused on achieving the goals of our life. I learned a lot about public speaking and it built my confidence. The workshop should be held in many colleges as it will motivate people who are shy about speaking in front of the public.” The organizers said that they are planning to do more such workshops in other colleges. Hizb Zargar, organizer cum trainer of the workshop said, “The theme of the workshop was
‘leadership skills among youth’. I chose that theme because it included many messages and a range of self-work exercises that can be done among youth.” “I found that many students, especially girls, were shy. They were given motivation and training at the workshop. I am very happy that I have achieved my aim in this workshop,” she added.
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