accuses CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC ‘heavily beholden’ to China: Sen. Cotton


During an appearance on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” podcast, Cotton was asked by host and Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe if he thought the mainstream media was “beholden” to the Chinese Communist Party, on which Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. Blasted the four most prominent mainstream media outlets for their financial reliance on China.

“Well, Lisa, it is simply a fact that Fox News is the only major news network in America that is not owned by or affiliated with a large corporate studio,” Cotton began. “Corporate studios depending heavily on access to the Chinese market and in some cases, Chinese funding.
“Just think about it. ABC, owned by Disney, NBC, owned by Comcast-Universal, CBS, associated with Viacom. CNN, Time Warner. Every one of those major news outlets is owned by or affiliated with a corporate studio who is heavily beholden to the Chinese Communist Party,” Cotton continued. “Is it any real surprise that for years these major news networks have been relatively soft on China and in some cases acted like a phalanx of bodyguards for Chinese rulers against the common sense, judgment, and intuition of the American people?”
The GOP lawmaker also knocked what he called “appalling corporate policy,” citing MLB moving its All-Star game out of Atlanta over Georgia’s new election law while “cutting deals” with China, as well as the NBA turning “a blind eye” to the genocide of Uighur Muslims.
“Coca-Cola will denounce its legislature in Georgia, yet Coca-Cola is up on Capitol Hill last year lobbying aggressively against a bill that would try to stop the trade and slave labor in Xinxiang province are all the height of hypocrisy,” Cotton pointed out. “And all of these corporate execs could get off their moral high horse and go back to overseeing men playing a boy’s game or making sugary beverages that kill 160,000 Americans a year for all I’m concerned. I don’t need their advice on things about which they know nothing about.”
Boothe’s podcast, which debuted at No. 3 last month on Apple’s top podcasts chart, will “cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of what actually matters,” according to the show’s description.

“It will stand against the herd mentality that is poisoning today’s media. Because simply stated: Lisa thinks for herself,” the description added.
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