Help coming from India amid 2nd wave.


Israel to help India as the condition worsen in 2nd wave. India is going through into dangerous situation. It’s not less than a horror shows there said Israel as the cases in India reaches over 350,000.
Relations between India and Israel in recent years have grown much closer. Given that friendship is measured primarily in times of crisis, this second coronavirus outbreak in India is an excellent opportunity for Israel to prove its commitment to this bilateral alliance.
There have been more than 1.6 million new infections in India in a week, and its hospitals have reached their maximum capacity. Unlike during the first wave, the beds are being filled by younger people, and it looks as if the Indian health system is crashing. There are shortages of vaccines, hospital beds and especially oxygen. The hospital overcrowding is having its effect, leading to additional tragedies. There has been increasing public criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government over the failed management of the crisis, especially after it had declared that India had defeated the pandemic.
Since the pandemic broke out in early 2020, relations between New Delhi and Jerusalem went up a notch in cooperation and mutual assistance. Despite the differences in scale, it seemed as if from the start of the crisis until the vaccinations began, the two countries’ situations were similar. At first it was India that sent Israel protective equipment and drugs, and helped get Israeli citizens back home when a general lockdown was declared. Later there was also scientific cooperation.
But once the vaccines became available, the two countries parted ways. Israel focused inward and led the world in vaccinations, while India took a mixed approach: It declared “the biggest

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