China’s population reached to 1.41 billion


Beijing, China: The National Bureau of Statistics of China said in a statement that China’s population has grown by 5.38 percent over the last 10 years to reach the 1.41 billion mark.
“The population of mainland China, compared with 1.39 billion people in line with the sixth national census of 2010, increased by 72.05 million, an increase of 5.38 per cent,” the statement said, as quoted by Sputnik.
According to the seventh nationwide census of 2020, China’s population on the mainland has grown by 0.53 percent annually on average in the past decade.
China’s birthrate has been in decline since 2017, despite easing of the ‘one-child policy’ in order to avert an incoming demographic crisis.
The decennial census in China is key to gauging changes in the size and diversity of its population, making it vital for future government policies, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.
China’s population growth has been slowing for decades due to rising incomes and a restive one-child policy reduced births, in a country that continues to be the world’s most populous on the planet.

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