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International Court of Jurists asking WHO to reveal all data abut coronavirus origin


Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organisation has been urged by the International Council of Jurists (ICJ) to reveal whole scientific and medical information about the origin of the Coronavirus to the reporters has urged the coronavirus had originated from a laboratory in Wuhan and not from the ‘wet market’ in Wuhan, hitherto believed by all countries.
Dr Adish C Aggarwala, President of the International Council of Jurists, in a letter to the Director-General WHO, said there is a great sense of anguish and concern over the situation arising in various countries with the spread of the novel coronavirus, i.e. Covid-19. Various scientific, medical, and journalistic reports on the origin and spread of this dreaded virus from a laboratory lend credibility to such fears and concern.
The letter pointed out that when the Covid-19 originated, as reported, in a market in the Wuhan Province of China, the world was not informed about the same on time. All the authorities, who had a duty to caution the world in advance, did not do so thereby causing immense loss of lives, relationships and properties to millions of people throughout the world. “We were very much pained by the indifference of various authorities and lack of concern shown by WHO during this period,” he said.
Dr Aggarwala drew the attention of WHO to a recent Australian news report, a document written by Chinese scientists and health officials before the pandemic in 2015 which states that SARS coronaviruses were a “new era of genetic weapons” that could be “artificially manipulated into an emerging human disease virus. The contents of this report, in fact, make it clear that the virus is man-made and released from a laboratory and that the Chinese Government has further plans to weaponize the same.
Dr Aggarwala noted that the ICJ had already raised the issue on April 3, 2020, with United Nations Human Rights Council, but there is no tangible result so far in arresting the second wave of the pandemic. “It is beyond any question that your sincere research into the rise and spread of Covid-19 has led you to get complete answers and understanding of the same, which is complemented with scientific and methodical knowledge.”
In light of the above factual situation, “I am sure you are aware that it is your duty to share the knowledge obtained by your organization with the common public so that nothing is left to the imagination and the general public are aware of the true facts and circumstances regarding the spread of the virus that has plunged the world into the present situation of crisis”, he said. The information in this regard which the WHO possesses must be released at once in order to avoid further confusion which is plaguing the efforts of the international fraternity in dealing with the crisis.
“WHO is duty-bound to ensure “extension to all people the benefits of medical, psychological and related knowledge as an informed opinion and active co-operation on the part of the public are of utmost importance in the improvement of the health of the people” as mandated in the Declaration in the Constitution of WHO which was adopted by the International Health Conference held in New York from 19 June to 22 July 1946 and signed on 22 July 1946.” Dr Aggarwala said
This information will not only help the countries to formulate their plan of action and devise the method to fight the pandemic but also help them in eradicating this global menace. Countries can formulate data and information on Covid 19 and for this WHO owes moral obligation to release the information in its possession. If WHO does not part with the required information, it will be failing in its duty and future will not condone this lapse. The release of such information should not be hindered on account of any compromising information pertaining to any nation in particular.
At this juncture, it is also required to be noted that the second wave of the Covid-19 spread has wreaked havoc in India even though the Government of India has taken all necessary precautions and acted as per your guidelines. In this regard, it is pertinent to know the exact details as to the origins of the virus from China and whether the Chinese Government is deliberately spreading the virus throughout India through unknown means in furtherance of the ongoing political tension between India and China.
Dr Aggarwala called for a ‘White Paper’ to be released by WHO to dispel doubts from across the globe on the origin and spread of coronavirus. The credibility of WHO will be enhanced if all such information is released along with a ‘White Paper’.

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