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Torture victims of Balochistan


London, UK: International Torture Day is to remarks the people who were victims of touture around the world. People around the globe express their solidarity and support with the hundreds and thousands of torture victims and their families throughout the world, who are also suffering in trauma.

This day was declared by United Nations (UN) after World War 2. Secondly, they say was officially announced to be the day of torture on June 26, 1987, against torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment or punishment.

The history of torture tells the complete story from the incident world to the present day, from physical torture to mental torment. From World War 2 in Algeria, IRA in Northern Ireland, and from the torture taken place since 9/11, in Afghanistan Iraq, Syria or in Guantanamo Bay.

In 1984, a convention established a committee against torture, which used to receive complaints (from individuals also) and conduct investigations with the cooperation of signatory states. Despite these efforts and international condemnations, torture remains a malignant fact throughout the globe, routinely exposed by human rights organizations but rarely punished by the states.

The story of state oppression and torture in Balochistan starts with its forcible occupation in 1948. The chain of enforced disappearances is additionally as ancient by state strengths. And state-established torture cells since then.

But it has raised alarmingly over the past two decades, amid which thousands of Baloch have been enforcedly disappeared and subjected to agonizing torment in these torture cells, the bodies of those who murdered due to torment were dumped within the wildernesses. By seeing these bodies, one gets a thought of the outrages by the state in their torment cells, how agonizing and compassionate they have been tormented by the state barbarism and organizations in torture cells.

The Baloch people who have been coercively disappeared by the Pakistani state and tormented for a long time in military camps or torture cells are almost been political and social activists, or relatives of those included, who have been punished as a collective punishment tool used by the state.

Universal human rights organizations have written numerous times to Pakistan, responsible for these state war wrongdoings but the state isn’t making any critical contrast.

Unfortunately, the great powers of the world are committing war crimes. Assume it, how can the United States hold Pakistan accountable for war crimes in Balochistan? European or American organizations or human rights organizations run by their monetary bolster are incapable to do anything but can email a letter.

The state may have changed the style and tools of the Baloch genocide, perhaps disturbed by the constant protests, but the genocide and violence continue.

Baloch political activists have been forcibly disappeared and imprisoned for decades on charges of dissenting from political rhetoric and democratic demands for national rights.

Dr Din Mohammad Baloch and Zakir Majeed Baloch have been forcibly disappeared for the last 12 years. Both have been political activists. They have never had any affiliation with any armed organization.

They have never taken up arms and presented their demands democratically. Instead of filing a case against them, imprisoning them in open jail, hearing them or presenting them in court, they were blindfolded in the dark of night and forcibly picked up and disappeared. Along with them, their family members have also been subjected to torture and trauma for the last 12 years


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