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Kashmiri demanding recognition to B’desh genocide by Pakistan


A Kashmiri, Shaukat Ali is protesting outside the UN building in Geneva asking for the recognition to the genocide done by Pakistan on Bangladeshi people during 1971 war. Shaukat Ali is the chairperson of UKPNP in Kashmir.

Exiled Kashmiri leader Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri has urged the United Nations and other international institutions to recognise Pakistan’s genocide during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence and called Islamabad to apologise for the war crime.

Shaukat Ali, the chairman of the United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP), was speaking at a protest against Pakistan in Geneva outside United Nations Office by the Bangladesh community.

He expressed solidarity with the victims of the genocides of 1971, wherein the Pakistan Army launched an attack on unarmed civilians to crush the Bengali rebellion.

Holding placards and banners, the demonstrators raised slogans demanding the recognition of the genocide by Pakistan. One of the banners read: ‘Recognise Bangladesh Genocide of 1971’.

Another banner read: ‘Bangladesh Genocide, 3 million people killed, 200 thousand women raped and 10 million refugees’

“It was the Pakistani Army who killed many freedom fighters of Bengal and committed genocide,” Shaukat Ali said.

“We are here to ask United Nations and all the international institutions to recognise the 1971 war crimes and genocide of Bangladeshi people. Ask Pakistan to apologise and also accommodate the victim families,” he added.

Bangladesh, erstwhile East Pakistan witnessed almost a full collapse of humanity during the nine months of March to December in 1971. Though atrocities and brutality started well before March 1971, a continuation of this barbarism reached its peak on the night of March 25, 1971.

According to the report, three million people were killed, half a million girls and women were raped, and entire villages were laid to waste. Men became primary targets (almost 80 per cent male, as reported by the Bangladesh Genocide Archives). The abduction and subsequent rape of women by soldiers took place in camps for months.

The 1971 genocide remains unknown and unrecognized to the world. Human rights activists have, time and again, urged the UN to shine a light on genocidal acts committed by Pakistani forces.

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