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UN urges for Eid ceasefire in Afghanistan for Eid celebration


Kabul, Afghanistan: The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA has urged the Taliban and the Afghanistan government to announce a temporary ceasefire for the upcoming Eid festival.

UNAMA expressed that this would not only give respite to the people of Afghan but also contribute to sustained and meaningful peace negotiations.

“The United Nations in Afghanistan is increasingly concerned with the number of reported serious human rights abuses and violations alleged in communities most affected by the ongoing military offensive across the country. The reports of killing, ill-treatment, persecution and discrimination are widespread and disturbing, creating fear and insecurity. Those who carry out any such acts must be held accountable,” UNAMA said in the statement.

The UN also reiterated that parties are obliged to respect the human rights and dignity of all Afghans, especially those of women and girls who have in the past been subjected to particularly acute forms of discrimination.

“Those genuinely interested in the future of Afghanistan and its people, should prioritize negotiating a peace and committing to measures, including safeguarding the country’s infrastructure, that will show a real concern for the welfare of all Afghans,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have captured one of the main border crossings with Pakistan, in southern Kandahar province. The crossing is one of Afghanistan’s busiest entry points and the main link between its southwest region and Pakistani ports.

Multiple reports suggest that the group had taken down the Afghan flag from the top of the border crossing gate between the Afghan town of Wesh and the Pakistani town of Chaman.

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