Violence displaced 9 Lakh people from their house, most in need of shelter


Afghanistan citizens are facing lot of challenges in past 3-4 months since the violence by Taliban has started over 9 lakh people have displaced and are in the need of shelter.

Benafsha Yaqoubi, a member of the AIHRC, said that the figure shows a 74 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

The watchdog called on the warring parties to stop fighting and announce a ceasefire.

Lailuma, a resident of Kunduz city, was displaced due to fighting two months ago and lost her husband in the war.

“We don’t have shelter, sometimes my children and I are hungry,” said Lailuma.

“I was displaced two months ago and lost everything,” said Abdul Mutalib, a displaced person.

“During one month’s time, 32,284 families were displaced and this figure is shocking,” said Benafsha Yaqoubi, a member of the AIHRC.

Meanwhile, a ministry official said that the government has begun delivering aid to the internally displaced people in various provinces of the country.

“Over the past two months we delivered assistance to 50,000 families across the country,” said Abdullah Walizada, media adviser to the State Ministry of Natural Disasters.



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