10,000 complaints against women abuse in Sindh, Pakistan


Islamabad, Pakistan: As the questions are being raised on the safety of women in Pakistan, according to an local media report, around 10,000 complaints have been filed in connection with violence or abuse against women.

Pakistan’s Hyderabad city registered 6,325 cases of women rights violations from 2018 till now, the Geo News reported.

Likewise, Punjab Women Helpline has received 4,649 complaints this year so far, as per the statistics issued by the Federal Ministry of Human Rights.

As per the data, most of the complaints made to the National Toll-free helpline by women were related to family disputes followed by gender-based violence and harassment at the workplace.

According to Geo News, the officials working for the protection of women’s right in Sindh and Punjab has called the country hell for women and their rights.

The ministry data shows that the Punjab province has registered the most number of complaints in Pakistan. It consists of 73 per cent of the total cases of violence against women in the country.

Women in Pakistan seem to be dealing with a worsening situation every day where they fear for their safety in the face of rising incidents of assault.

Meanwhile, After a recent horrific video of a woman being assaulted by hordes of men on August 14 in Lahore, went viral on social media leaving viewers shaken and evoking harsh condemnation from netizens, another video has surfaced apparently from the same day has surfaced of another woman being the subject of an assault.

In this video, which has been shared on social media, two women are seen travelling in an open rickshaw on a busy road when a man jumps onto the footboard of the vehicle and apparently kisses her on the cheek.

Previously, a TikToker was captured being “brutally attacked” by hordes of men in Lahore even as Pakistan celebrated its Independence Day and for a while, the incident was among top hashtags on Twitter #minarPakistan and #400 men were among the hashtags being used by outraged netizens who expressed their shock and disgust at the violence against the woman.

The woman filed a complaint with police in which she alleged that a mob of around 400 people attacked her and her friends while she was filming a video near Minar-e-Pakistan on August 14, according to local media reports.

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