Residents with complete paper work unable to flee from Afghanistan


It’s been seven days since the Taliban has captured capital city Kabul but the crowd outside the airport does not seems to be lessen. The people are desperate to leave the country. Some residents who have proper papers are unable to reach to proper point as the people who do not have their paper work done are in majority.

Sayed Jawad and his six family members who are waiting outside the Kabul airport said that despite their having passports and other documents they have not been able to enter the airport.

“The foreigners have locked the doors and there is no movement into the airport,” said Sayed Jawad.

A local resident named Sadat said: “All people that you see here have a problem.”

“We tell all our brothers and sisters that nothing is happening here and to stay at home,” said Sediq Habibi, a resident of Kabul.

Footage broadcast by CBS showed Afghans faced with money problems after being moved to a military base.

The footage showed Afghans living without access to medical facilities and other services.


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