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Afghan envoy to UN: Taliban government should not be recognised by UN


Kabul, Afghanistan: UN should not recognise Taliban government which took over Afghanistan in mid-August said Afghanistan Ambassador to the United Nations Ghulam Isaczai.

Isaczai also said that the “UN Security Council should also re-evaluate its approach to granting travel ban exemption to the Taliban leaders who are sanctioned after they failed to resolve the conflict through peaceful means,” Sputnik reported.

“I… ask you to withhold any recognition of any government in Afghanistan, unless it’s truly inclusive and formed on the basis of the free will of the people,” he added said during the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Afghanistan.

During the security meeting, Isaczai also claimed that there are eyewitness accounts of the Taliban committing atrocities and human rights violations in Afghanistan.

“We have eyewitness accounts of Taliban’s widespread atrocities perpetuated with support of foreign terrorist fighters and foreign intelligence and military assets,” Isaczai said during a UN Security Council meeting on Thursday. “They have performed targeted executions, cutoff communication lines, and imposed a humanitarian blockade,” he added.

Isaczai also called on the United Nations to urgently send a fact-finding mission to Afghanistan to assess the Taliban’s alleged human rights violations, Sputnik reported.

The developments came amid a surge in the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Earlier, Russia and the US have also expressed that the countries are not planning to recognise the government formed by the Taliban.



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