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Taliban armed members assaulted a female activist in Kabul


A female civil society activist was assaulted by a grouo of armed Taliban mambers and abducted her five family members.  This has become a treand in the Taliban lead Afghanistan as this is not the first case.


The incident took place in the limits of the 15th police district of Afghanistan when dozens of armed members of the outfit forcefully entered Fahima Rahmati’s house and started beating her.


Rahmati, who is the head of Hope Foundation, also informed that the Taliban have abducted five men, including her two brothers and a brother in law and a neighbour.

Meanwhile, Kandahar’s intelligence chief, Rahmatullah Naraiwal alleged that the Taliban had received information related to the presence of former National Directorate of Security operatives in Rahmati’s house, Pajhwok Afghan News reported.


But the activist has categorically refused any such allegations.


As the Taliban continue to tighten their grip on Afghanistan, reports of harassment and brutalities against women have started emerging from the country.


Despite the grave threats from the outfit, scores of women are holding demonstrations in cities across the country, demanding rights being denied to them.

A day ago, Human Rights activist Habibullah Farzad was also beaten brutally by the Taliban for participating in a protest held by women in Kabul.


Violence against Rights activists and protesters in Afghanistan has become a common occurrence after the Taliban captured the country.


Recent scenes of barbarity in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover have also exposed the devastating state of human rights in the war-ravaged country.


At present, the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, with images of gun-toting persons all around, has put the whole population in a state of siege. People’s movement has been restricted which demonstrates the absence of even the most basic of human rights in the country.

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