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Education in Afghanistan will be according to Sharia: Taliban


Kabul: As Taliban moves forward to run the country, girls have been given permission to study but with a little difference. Taliban has decided to remove some subjects which do not go with Sharia Law from the curriculum and they have separated classes of female students from male.

Recently, private education institutes and universities opened in the country where girls and boys could not sit together.

Acting Minister of Higher Education Shaikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani said on Sunday that mixed classes between girls and boys are not acceptable and some changes will be brought to the curriculum.

He said changes will be based on Islamic Sharia.

Abdul Baqi said at a press conference: “When the preparation ends, the date will be announced (date for opening government universities) and it will take less than a week.”

Meanwhile, the current state of education in the country has raised doubts in the minds of students.

Abdul Rahim, a student, told “ Teachers and students are not present. A small number of students are coming to the universities. We are worried about our future.”

“There is no interest. Neither students nor teachers come,” said Farshid, another student.


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