Afghanis selling their belonging to collect money to survive


People of Afghanistan are selling their belongings on the street outside their homes, they either are collecting money to flee Afghanistan or need money to survive.


They said their very expensive items are now selling at rock-bottom prices.


A shopkeeper named Laal Gul told that household items worth 100,000 afghanis are selling for 20,000.


Laal Gul told a TOLOnews reporter: “I sold my items for less than half their value. I bought a refrigerator for 25,000 afghanis and sold it for 5,000. There is no way. What am I to do? My children need food at night.”


Everything including carpets, refrigerators, and television sets can be found on the roads leading to Chaman-e-Hozori, a park in Kabul.


Mohammad Agha, former police officer, talked with TOLOnews over the uncertain future. He has been working at the market for the past tten days. He said: “They did not pay me my salary. Now, I do not have a job. What am I to do?”


Others have similar stories. Merajuddin, a Kabul resident, said: “I am an electric engineer. My son graduated from the geology faculty. We are both unemployed. We came here to sell and to find money for food. We have a family.”


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