We don’t know anything else; how will we survive in a country where music is banned: Afghan Musicians


Lot of musicians for whom music is the only source of earning are facing lot of problems as the music is banned. They are concerned about their future.
The musicians said that they abandoned their music when the Islamic Emirate seized power in Afghanistan.
“Our music is not something that will affect the people. If there is a wedding party in the village or somewhere else– we do our music,” said, Jafar Khalili, a musician.
According to the musicians, music was the only way of income but as they have abandoned it for over two months and are currently facing severe economic challenges. “Any country that doesn’t have culture and national music will never develop,” said Asif Khalili, a musician.
The musicians called on the government to facilitate alternative job opportunities for them if music is not allowed anymore.
“We are related to the Ministry of Information and Culture, and we live in exile and our destiny must be clear,” said Ghazi, a musician.
The Islamic Emirate has so far not declared its stance toward music in Afghanistan, however, some of the officials early on referred to music as against Islamic regulations.
“I really hope they let them carry on with their music, because their children sleep hungry,” said Aryana Saayed, an Afghan singer, who lives abroad.

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