PM Imran Khan should resign: PLF women delegation


MULTAN: Singh People’s Lawyer Forum (PLF) women delegation demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan’s resignation.

Talking to reporters, the PLF team led by PLF office-bearer Rizwana Memon advocate said the masses are suffering under the PTI-led government.

She alleged the incumbent selected government had failed in providing justice, relief and jobs to the masses and the country was facing economic and political crises. She said the people were suffering due to wrong policies of the rulers. She said the PTI government had made flimsy commitments with the IMF in 2019 to get $6 billion loan. She said now the country was bound to abide by strict conditions of the IMF.

Rizwana said the current deal between the government and the IMF was the result of failures. She said IMF demanded increase in fuel prices and electricity tariff to recover loan as the government again failed to recover taxes. She said the PM does not have the capacity to run the system. She said due to poverty the people are bound to withdraw their children from schools and send them to work. She said specter of hunger was looming large in the country. ­

She said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the only ray of hope for the oppressed and downtrodden classes in the country and Imran must vacate the space for a new face to run the country. She said the PTI government has been in power for the last more than three years but it did nothing for the country.

She said 24 percent of the educated people with university degrees are unemployed and 40 percent of the educated women are unemployed. Yasmin Chachar, Alia Baloch, Nadia Ghori and others also slammed the government policies. They expressed their support for Saraiki province and said the government deceived people in the name of creation of the province in 100 days.

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