Only rich people enjoying enjoying education in Balochistan.


Balochistan, Pakistan: Local political leaders raised an issue of state of education in the province. According to the Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Balochistan Maulana Abdul Haq Hashmi and other leaders said that education is confined to the rich people only.

Hashmi said that though education is strongly needed for the progress and prosperity of the province, the government educational schools are practically defunct.

He said that the government has failed to give priority to education.

“The insensitive government has failed to give priority to education. The doors of higher education are closed for the people of Balochistan,” said Hashim.

He asked the government to increase the budget for education and take steps to provide education to every citizen of the province, reported Express Daily.

“The rulers are responsible for the educational backwardness of Balochistan,” added Hashim.

Balochistan is a resource-rich but least developed province of Pakistan where a movement for freedom has been ongoing for the past several decades. Many Balochs believe that the region was independent before 1947 and was forcibly occupied by Pakistan

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