Women and relatives of militants most affected by Pakistan’s proxy war in Kashmir


Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan has been supporting the violence in Kashmir for a decade now. War causes serious damages to the people and the relatives of the militants specially women.

Pakistan-sponsored proxy war in Kashmir valley has promoted violence and devastated families, according to a research report.

Over the last two decades, sociologists have time and again raised the issue of social implications of terrorism in Kashmir with some suggesting that women from militant families, dead or alive, such as their sisters, daughters, cousin sisters, and other female relatives suffered a lot.

Further, the Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR) has an interesting research paper on the effects of armed conflict on the families of slain militants in Kashmir in its June (2021) issue. Since Pakistan forced Kashmir into a protracted conflict zone, the Valley has become home to a new group of widows, single parents and orphaned children.

Further, in the research paper, Dr Asima Hassan, a sociologist from Kashmir University in the research paper has depicted the miserable and pathetic condition of families of slain militants, their pathetic economic conditions; educational backwardness, social disorganization and social disorder,

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s quest for proxy war has enabled unending violence and consequent misery has devastated thousands of Kashmiri families, according to the InsideOver

According to Dr Hassan’s survey, at least 10 percent of the militants killed in the last 30 years were married and had children. These families had to endure social ignominy, besides suffering financially as they were not entitled for any compensation from the government like the families of the civilian victims.

Also, the total dependence of the widows and orphans on others outside their own families have made them socially handicapped.

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