Women employment rats dropped by 16% last year: UN


Kabul, Afghanistan: After the takeover of Taliban people of Afghanistan have faced a lot of shifts and changes in their lives. People are facing economic stress with the absence of proper basic facilities.  The employment rate of women among his disturbance has dropped by 16 per cent in 2021 according to the UN report.

According to the ILO, over 500,000 jobs were lost in the third quarter of 2021 and the number could reach more than 900,000 by mid-2022.

“The deepening economic crisis has been particularly devastating for critical sectors of the Afghan economy, including agriculture, public administration, social services and construction, with hundreds of thousands of workers losing their job or not receiving wages,” the organization added.

In the middle of 2021, the Taliban led a major offensive in Afghanistan during the withdrawal of US troops from the country and took over in August. In September, the Taliban established an interim government, reported the news agency.

Since the Taliban takeover, Afghan women have been protesting in several cities in the country, demanding their rights be respected and representation in the government and local authorities.

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