Pakistan: No one can Aurat March


Lahore, Pakistan: Aurat March, which was first held in the city of Karachi in 2018, is now organized every year to celebrate International Women’s Day. The march highlight the issues women face in Pakistan.
Aurat March Lahore organisation released the manifesto on Twitter. This year’s theme is “Reimagining Justice” or “Asal Insaaf”, Dawn newspaper reported.
According to the Pakistani newspaper, the manifesto has been drafted after extensive research and meetings with relevant communities including families having enforced disappearances, domestic workers, victims/survivors of sexual violence, and religious minorities.
The Aurat March Lahore demands more holistic reforms which seek to transform society, provide psycho-social support to survivors of violence as well as rehabilitation for perpetrators.
The march advocates structural reforms that prevent patriarchal violence rather than short-term solutions such as capital punishment and chemical castration.
It demands a radical shift in preventative policies: education, community building, and social welfare should drive the solutions, Dawn newspaper reported.
They stress the need to create a “culture of care” where communities support rather than victim-blame each other, the Pakistani newspaper reported.

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