Taliban ban on girls’ secondary education spread negation image on Global platform


Kabul, Afghanistan: Taliban took over Afghanistan almost a year ago and since then the women and girls are fighting for their basic rights like getting secondary education and the freedom to step out of their homes on their own. According to the UN The decision of Taliban to ban the secondary education girls has worked as opposite for their image in the world forum.

The briefing of the Diplomatic Corps was organized by the United Nations Assistant Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on April 6.

Knudsen further highlighted the recent UN “donor conference” on March 31 was successful in raising USD 2.4 billion, against the target of USD 4 billion.


“Taliban’s decision to ban girls from attending secondary schools has negatively impacted the attitude of the global community towards them,” Knudsen noted.

Earlier, the Taliban regime issued a decree banning female students above grade six from attending classes. The girls were further told to stay home until the Islamic Emirate announces its next decision.

She further highlighted that there was no political map and development plan with the Taliban and that they were still linking domestic political stability and peace with aid and assistance, instead of focusing on social agenda.

Further, the regional representative of UNAMA in Faryab Province highlighted that the Taliban’s insistence on appointing Pashtuns to all important positions could lead to people joining Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP). However, Mette maintained that despite minor clashes in Panjshir, there was no expectation of escalation in armed clashes between the Taliban and the Resistance Front.

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