UN asked by US envoy to include Taiwan in WHA


Taipei, Taiwan:

On the eve of the opening of the annual conference of WHA, Ambassador Sheba Crocker said that WHA can benefit from Taiwan’s world-class expertise and strong research capabilities in the field of health care.

“On the eve of #WHA75, it was great to attend tonight’s event hosted by Taiwan. The WHA can benefit from Taiwan’s world-class expertise & research capabilities & #TaiwanCanHelp the WHO live up to its commitment to “Health for All,” Sheba tweeted.

In response, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) thanked Crocker and expressed gratitude for recognizing Taiwan’s capabilities, Focus Taiwan reported.

The annual meeting of WHA, which is the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO) began on Sunday and will be held till May 28.

Despite the support of many countries and organizations, Taiwan was not invited to attend the meeting.

Out of the 14 diplomatic allies of Taiwan, thirteen of them submitted a proposal to invite Taiwan to participate as an observer in the WHA. The US government also on Wednesday extended its support for Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHA with observer status.

“We strongly advocate for the WHO to invite Taiwan to participate as an observer and lend its expertise to the solution-seeking discussions at the 75th WHA this May,” a US State Department press release said.

Inviting Taiwan to attend the WHA as an observer would exemplify the WHO’s commitment to an inclusive approach to international health cooperation and ‘health for all,’ the press release read.

Taiwan is a highly capable, engaged, and responsible member of the global health community, and it has been invited to participate as an observer in previous WHA meetings, the statement further said.

According to a MOFA tally, 71 governments, legislative bodies, and parliamentary groups have backed Taiwan’s participation in WHO bodies this year, Focus Taiwan reported.

MOFA held a “Taiwan Night” reception on Saturday night to campaign for Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO and its annual assembly.

Taiwan took part in WHA meetings from 2009 to 2016, but since 2017, it has been excluded due to pressure from China

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