China Denounces US Flagrant Human Rights Violations Worldwide


China has accused the United States of being a major violator of human rights worldwide in a report published by the State Council Information Office. The report stated that the U.S. has implemented measures against over 20 countries, including Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan.

The U.S. was described as the most active enforcer of unilateral sanctions, pursuing power politics and provoking proxy wars, becoming a threat to world peace. The report also claimed that the U.S. had killed 929,000 people and displaced 38 million others in 85 countries under the pretext of anti-terrorism activities.

The report also highlighted serious violations of immigrant rights and the refusal to close the Guantánamo Bay detention camp. The U.S. was criticized for detaining 780 people without trial and subjecting them to cruel and inhumane treatment.

The UN Human Rights Council has previously called for the prison’s closure and the prosecution of those responsible for crimes committed there.

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