The requirement for a plan to address China’s abuses of human rights


There is a pressing need to develop a strategy to counter China’s human rights violations, given the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) consistent disregard for global norms. The CCP places a premium on human rights violations as a means of maintaining power, with its foreign policy priorities being to maintain internal stability and safeguard sovereignty.

The CCP justifies its human rights violations by claiming they respond to perceived threats to these priorities. For example, it falsely labels Uyghur Muslims as an extremist group, deploying surveillance technology and carrying out mass collectivization to detain between one and three million Uyghurs in political prison camps.

The CCP’s transnational repression includes the exportation of surveillance technology and forced repatriation of Uyghurs. Despite the CCP’s abuses, global leaders place little emphasis on countering these violations in their strategies to ameliorate the threat posed by China.

Policymakers need to identify means of tackling the security threat posed by China while addressing human rights concerns, such as targeted financial sanctions and visa bans.

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