Canada reveals intentions to end the use of coerced labor by Uyghurs in supplier networks


In response to China’s continued oppression of its Uyghur Muslim community and the circumstances under which they are forced to work, Canada has declared its plan to propose legislation to outlaw forced labor from its supply networks.

The Canadian government stated that it was “gravely concerned” by the continuing abuses of Uyghurs and Muslim communities in China, as well as by the widespread use of coerced labor, in its Budget 2023 release this week. Given these worries, it is crucial that exporters take care of their supply chain risks and make sure their output upholds the universally held Canadian values.

The nation’s Budget 2023, it continued, “announces the federal government’s plan to propose legislation by 2024 to eliminate forced labor from Canadian supply networks to reinforce the import prohibition on products made using forced labor. Additionally, the government will make sure that current law complies with its general structure for protecting our supply networks.

One of many initiatives Ottawa revealed in its budget is the planned law. An effect evaluation for the initiative states that “this measure will benefit people and workers subjected to and impacted by forced labor around the world.” This includes allegations of pervasive forced labor and gender-based violence against Uyghurs and other ethnic groups affected by forced labor, according to reliable sources. It continued, “Supply chains that are better aligned with Canadian values will also benefit Canadians.”

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